This is Roy, (ALDA ROYAL)  on his Quarter Horse and Palomino registration papers). In a former life, he was a lap dog. In this life, he's my buddy. He turned 30 in March 2017, and I've had him since he was a three-year-old. He's still sound, too. I tend to take really good care of my critters, and they live a long time here on Palomino Hill.

Brandy at the PHBA World Show, circa 1985 or so, either Tulsa or Indianapolis.

English Equitation.

I'm really, really, dating myself here, but that is me, and my all-time best horse, Nero's Brandy, at the New York State Palomino Show in Saratoga. In 1975. He was three. I was 17. He's no 'halter' horse, this is either color class or showmanship. I never had a 'halter' horse, because horses are for riding!

I got Brandy when I was 14, and he lived to be 38. I rode him, my kids rode him, and he's buried in my yard. He went English, Western, and once I took him on a hunter pace when he was 16, because my friend's husband's horse came up lame. We got fourth first time out! That's what horses are supposed to be - versatile. He drove too, but our favorite class was Trail.

Yes, I've owned horses of other colors and breeds! This is Stealin' Apples, a former Fingerlakes claimer. I also worked as a hotwalker one summer a few years ago. Wish Canandaigua was closer!

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